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Cool Hunting - "Nudes"


Aranka Israni's first solo exhibition debuts in conjunction with Arles 2015, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, the international photography festival renowned for unveiling new work. For Aranka—who withdrew from the art world seven years ago seeking to imbue her practice with greater depth—the show marks a significant return. This show, "Nudes," is an homage to, and an expansion of, the artistic accord formed with the festival's founder, noted master of light and form, Lucien Clergue.

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VIE Magazine - "Uncovering Humanity"


Most artists prefer to be known for their work, but sometimes the person behind it is as compelling as the art. Aranka Israni is one such artist. Her life story is a kaleidoscope of international addresses, and the latest chapter includes an exhibition in Arles, France, alongside a legendary festival that’s known as a springboard for the world’s top photographic talent.

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La Provence - GALERIE ANNE CLERGUE Les "Nudes" d'Aranka Israni


"Dans son travail, elle cherche ce qu'il y a de spirituel. C'est un peu comme une méditation." Anne Clergue décrit ainsi le travail d'Aranka Israni. Cette artiste américaine d'origine indienne travaille le sujet du corps féminin. Elle confesse une "fascination" pour le corps, thème récurrent dans son travail. "Mais pas uniquement d'un point de vue physique, je travaille sur ce sujet depuis longtemps", tient-elle à préciser. Et cette fascination ne se limite pas à la photographie.

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L'Oeil de la Photographie - Arles OFF 2015


Anne Clergue presents her latest exhibition , black-and-white nude photographs of women by Aranka Israni. Of Indian origin, Israni is based in New York. Alternating between cultures that fascinated her as a child and sharpened her sense of the unspoken. Central to her work is the acceptance of simultaneous layers of emotional truth in her subject, contrasting and complex, as well as the exploration of the balance of male and female energies. Her photographs of the body reveal the power in vulnerability, the beauty of simplicity to expose creation.